Everytime I travel and see anything “Coca-Cola”, I can’t help but stop for a moment and have my photo taken with it. After all, I was very lucky to have been chosen to be one of its ambassadors. I must live up to the name! Recently at my visit in Tokyo, I bumped into some really nice Coke stuffs. And I mean REALLY NICE.

Going down to the subway, you’ll see Coca-Cola everywhere. Of course, I had to stop and take a picture.

And another picture, this time with ‘the’ ambassador.

In Harajuku, you’ll find a lot of Coca-Cola collectibles. You think I can use this as an exemption for color coding here in Manila?

I found this giant Coca-Cola can lying at the Narita Airport. Tried to open it to refresh myself. Hahaha!

If you go on to the other side, it’s actually a vending machine. We should put some in our malls here.

What a refreshingly cool thing to put in an airport. Makes the waiting worth the while.